In episode twelve, I ask you two questions. When’s the last time you wondered? Why is the sky blue?

There are one of two reasons, you stop asking that question. Number one, you’ve learned the answer. Light waves from the sun come crashing into the Earth’s atmosphere and every light wave, but blue gets deflected or refracted, so that the only light wave that our eyes perceive is that beautiful blue color. Except for sunsets, obviously, when different light waves can get through like the reds, and the yellows, the oranges, purples, beautiful colors that sunsets offer.

Or you stopped asking the question, because you’ve lost a bit of scientific curiosity. You see, as kids, if you recall from earlier in the season, we talked about exploring versus exploiting, and children are naturally exploring. They have a natural scientific curiosity about the entire world around them. And every single detail is phenomenally fascinating. And they’re absolutely, genuinely curious about it.

But as we age, as we transition from Explorer to exploit, we learn a bunch of rules about life that really restrict our curiosity. We’re told that our time loses utility. As we stay naturally curious, we get taught that exploiting is much more valuable than exploring. Well, I don’t want you to forget. So, I’m here today to remind you, that natural scientific curiosity is extremely valuable. You need some inspiration, some nudge in the right direction that reminds you to get back to exploring. Get curious about yourself.

Why do you think the thoughts that you do, why do you act the way that you do? What’s helping you? What’s hurting you? But that natural scientific curiosity does one very valuable thing. It takes away the harsh truths and turns them into hard truths. We learn what we’re limited by, not because of our harsh emotional restrictions that we built for ourselves to protect ourselves. Instead, we explore the limits of the natural world, and everything else is fair game. So, if you haven’t done it in a while, pause the video. Go step outside and take a look up at the beautiful blue sky. And wonder again, why it’s so blue.

Get back your sense of curiosity. It’s actually a lot of fun. That’s why kids are so free. They can have unadulterated, naturally curious fun. Go have fun with life again. And I’m going to interrupt the outro. Again, really quick. I just want to mention if it is raining today, I’m really sorry for getting all excited about the blue sky. Just wait one day, just wait till tomorrow. Well, shouldn’t promise that maybe the next day, but my whole point is if it’s raining, I’m really sorry. But just be patient. Wait for the blue sky. It will come back.

There’s a metaphor for you. Alright. Go have fun with life again. Thank you for reading the blog post for episode twelve. Check us out on YouTube. We will see you in the next episode!

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