Last episode, we took a world and completely divided it down the middle; dogs, cats, one or the other, you pick. In episode eight, we discuss the yin and yang, the black and the white, the good and the bad. Black and white does not exist in real life. At a minimum, it’s at least very rare. Instead of having yes or no, black, and white, what we typically see are decisions that we can make based on a spectrum. Instead of just yes or no, we could take that dial and push it anywhere from yes to probably, possibly, to maybe, and even to no.

My biggest concern is that on the spectrum, from yes to no, we have people in our country, and it’s mostly the media, sitting on either end of the spectrum making extremely divisive statements. People publish articles with aggressive headlines that really try and pull that dial way over to one side or the other. What it’s doing is it’s stressing out the normal distribution of opinions. By definition, a normal distribution is something that sits dead center, or shift slightly to one side or the other. A normal distribution of opinions starts out with very low percentages on either side, has a big swelling point in the middle and goes back over. The media, our politicians, our leaders are trying to divide this normal distribution so that less people are thinking towards the middle of the spectrum, and more are moving towards yes or no on whatever the issues may be.

What we need to remember is that the common thinking really does lie somewhere near the middle of the spectrum. We don’t need to hate people on either end of the spectrum. They might have very, very, very strong views on a very small list of items that are different than ours. So, watch out. Don’t get caught in this trap. Don’t get caught in the belief that yes and no are the only two options that exist. The spectrum exists because we as humans share a wide range of opinions on many subjects. We just have to stay united as we debate which route is the best route to take forward. We are the United States of America after all. Thank you for reading the blog for episode eight. Check us out on YouTube. See you in the next episode!

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