In Episode Six, we talk about the bridge to success. In Season One, we talked about the recipe for success; identify the next step, take the next step, evaluate, and repeat. But where do you do that? Let us start by defining where you want to go as a place. I like to think that where you want to go is finding success. What is standing in our way of taking those first steps are probably a few barriers. Oftentimes, they are emotional. They might be fears, they might be anxiety, or just general concern. What everyone needs to understand is these are totally justified, or at least they used to be. See, our brain was actually taught to give us a rational fear of the unknown. As we evolved as humans, what we did not know, literally could kill us. There are coping mechanisms in our minds that are preprogrammed to stop us from venturing out into the great unknown. There are a lot of monsters down there too. Monsters like social media. Monsters, like what other people think and like the thoughts in our own head.

Any one of these can reach up and grab us at any time and pull us down to failure. So how do we avoid that? Well, the best way to break down these totally justified concerns is through knowledge. We base that knowledge on large amounts of data. I want you to know that every one of these videos has the same underpinning large data that leads to quality information in the form of facts. From knowledge, we can find motivation. True motivation really only takes about one hour of committed thought. Motivation has to be supported. Most people get support from internal and external sources. Whether that’s friends and family or a voice in our own head, we are literally supporting our implementation through support. When we implement time over time, if we do that thing, and then repeat, we begin to create habits. We finally become experts.

Once you get through your motivation phase, through building habits and over to being an expert, you will experience success. Do not get scared by the monsters. Those emotions that are stopping you from engaging are totally rational. At least they used to be, but maybe they are not anymore. Find the motivation, build the habits, become an expert, and find success. Thank you for reading the blog post for episode six. Check us out on YouTube. We will see you in the next episode!

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