In Episode Three, we peek behind the creator curtain. As most creators do, we show our stuff to people. I wanted to show these videos to someone and get some feedback. So, I showed them to my wife. I honestly can’t believe it took until Season Two to get here. She made a couple of good points and raised a couple of good questions.

First, what are these videos? They’re just a weird collection of bits and pieces of information. As anybody who’s good at pointing out problems is she also pointed out a solution. She said, “What did you call them, helpful pearls? That’s what we call them at the hospital. I love it.”

So, these videos are just helpful pearls, small pieces of very valuable, broadly applicable information. The second question she asked was, “who’s we?” You say “we” all the time but who’s working on this?

Well, we are a storyline guy, a video guy. We have a script guy and an audio guy. We even have a producer guy. Thank you for reading the blog post for episode three. Check us out on YouTube. We will see you in the next episode!

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