In Episode Seven, we discuss CION. What does that stand for? What does it look like? Well, imagine a bullseye with a C in the center. Those are the things that you can control. The next ring out has an I on it. These are the things you can influence. The next ring around that is an O, and these are the things that you can observe. This is where the target stops, and everything beyond that target has an N on it. Those are things of which you are not even aware.

One of the big problems we have in our world today is too many people spending too much energy and focusing too much of their attention too far away from the center of the bullseye. The farther away we are from the center of the bullseye, the less control, influence or even awareness of a thing we have. If we get limited bits of information on the things we are not aware of, they creep into that outside circle with the O on it. Once they become things we can observe or that we are aware of, we start to realize that we are really frustrated, we cannot control those things, we have no influence over them. The less we know about them, the more intimidating they are.

So, our job should be to maintain focus on the things as close to the center of the bullseye as possible. Make sure to be explicitly clear to yourself, the only thing that you can control is you. Sometimes, we cannot even control that. We also want to be really selective on the things we observe. Keep things in the observe circle that matter to you and that are important to you. You can slide some of these things into the influence or maybe even control circle.

When there are things that we can trim off the tree, take them from the things that we are observing and push them out to the not even aware of circle. This can be really difficult because of social media, with the news cycle being 24/7 and so many people demanding your attention on a daily basis. These people and messages are trying to get from the not aware of space into the observing space. Be very protective as you move towards the center of the circle and be intentional with what pieces of your life you put in each spot. Thanks for reading the BlankScreen blog. Check us out on YouTube. We will see you in the next episode!

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