In Episode Five, we talk through a three-step recipe. I want to make it clear, just like all the recipe cards in my house that have never been cooked, when it comes to food, this recipe will not work if you do not actually follow and implement the process. The overall recipe looks like this. Step one, identify the next step. Step two, take that step. Step three, evaluate and repeat. But what is this recipe for? Well, this is the recipe for success.

What drives me nuts is that so many people are misguided on how to actually find success. There are so many different things out there that people claim to work. Whether it is motivational quotes, hiring a coach, making a vision board, reading books to get really knowledgeable on something, or following TikTok influencers, there is a lot of information out there on success. Some people might even say that you need to have a plan to find success, and all those things people read could complement success. However, success does not happen by idly standing by and having these periphery solutions. What you actually have to do to experience success is identify the next step, take that step, and then evaluate and repeat.

If you want to put up motivational quotes to help you take that step, go for it. If you want to hire a coach to help you evaluate those steps, go for it. If your vision board helps you identify the next step, make one. If you want to read a book to understand how to identify the next steps or to take that step, go for it. If TikTok influencers give you the opportunity to identify, take, evaluate, or repeat that next step, then by all means do it. Maybe you even want to have a plan just to help you lay out the next steps. At the end of the day, if you are not identifying the next step, taking that step, and then evaluating and repeating, you will not find success. You will simply be staring at all these great ideas with no implementation. I wish you the best of luck. I hope you find success. And as always, thank you for reading the BlankScreen blog. Check us out on YouTube. We will see you in the next episode!

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