In Episode Three, I show you how simplistic thinking is different than elegantly simple thinking. A gentleman by the name of Carl Richards, who is a financial advisor and sketch artist, has made the ideas of simplistic thinking and elegantly simple thinking popular. Similar to the way the peak of mount stupid exists, Carl Richards draws a straight line, left to right, and writes the word simplistic over it. Then, similar to the valley of despair, to the right of that simplistic line is a massive ball of interweaving chaos, which he calls complexity.

If you can push through that rat’s nest, that valley of despair, that confusing part of life, eventually, what spits out on the other side is another straight line. Instead of it being simplistic thinking this time, you have elegantly simple thinking, which is another place experts live. My concrete idea of elegantly simple thinking is probably some sort of inspirational quote where someone can take a complex thing and boil it down to just a handful of words.

What I wanted to prove is that the Dunning Kruger Effect and this idea of elegantly simple thinking are actually really similar. If you start to learn things in life, you will see that people experiencing success find a lot of common ideas, and they can bring them all together to make a really beautiful but elegantly simple concept for their own life.

So, I encourage you to read these blogs and seek out the sources of information that I am referencing to start building yourself some universal truths that lead to your success. Then, you can overlay them on top of each other, have them iterate and work against each other, and eventually let them spit out a high-quality life that you can live. That is what these blogs and YouTube videos are all about. Thanks for reading. We will see you in the next episode.

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